Hi! I am Hagis

Welcome to my own piece of Internet.

I am dev. Like a programmer, not a buildings founder. I am writing code and making digital graphics for the “greater half” of my life. To be fair, I am not that old, so it's a little over 15 years. For a last few years I have been getting paid for my skills and patience.

$> whoami

Most of the time I am learning myself from books and Internet. Last few years I spent on studying and being a part of Meraki Acoustic and Bit Better Club as Product Artisan. I made projects from scratch, in NodeJS, Python and C++. I designed a bunch of graphics and logos, made a few pages in tons of different web technologies, from pure PHP to Jamstacks with static generation and headless CMS.
I am big fan of Open Source and I am a proud part of the ecosystem. Where there is open source, there are hackers as well. There are currently two hackerspaces near the place where I live and I am taking advantage of them as well. You can check my projects in gallery on this page or by looking straight into my repos.

Stuff I made


Technologies I have been using

Along my way I have tested a bunch of various tools, libraries and frameworks. Did you ever hear about Pawn programming language? I thought not. It's not a language a senior dev would tell you. I used it to write some plugins to Counter Strike's servers. Oh, and I implemented my own, compiled language and ran it on microcontroller.


My learning curve started right from the bottom. I read HTML chapter from computer sience book in primary school. That was HTML4. Nowadays I work with frameworks like Vue or React and tools based on them, like Nuxt.


I am big fun of crafting APIs. There is something magical about writing pure logic, without any visual representation, interface. Creating an app, that can only be accessed by other apps (or devs!). That's why I polished my NodeJS skills.


A little bit of low level coding doesn't scare me. I learned the secrets of cross platform development in C++ and am looking forward for modern techiques like Electron apps.


I made a bunch of various CLI tools in Python, Node or even Bash. As a software developer, my duty is to automate every task.

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